About us

The mission of the Johns Creek High School Counseling program is to provide an equitable comprehensive and developmental program to all students that centers on the highest level of student achievement. JCHS provides data driven interventions that promote career and college readiness, along with social, personal, and emotional counseling. With the assistance of administrators, teachers, parents, and a devoted community, we seek to inspire the most creative, productive and successful students to conquer today’s challenges so they can seek tomorrow’s opportunities.
The students at Johns Creek High School are extremely accomplished, high achieving individuals who will graduate College and/or Career ready and be prepared to conquer obstacles and challenges they may face. They will be resilient to the challenges of life and embrace change that the future may hold. We aim to prepare all students through a variety of methods and modalities that support their academic career and social growth. Our focus on learning will be provided by dynamic teachers who exhibit phenomenal instructional delivery, use cutting edge technology, and facilitate a challenging and rigorous curriculum. This instructional format also provides equity and access to all students and is supported by a comprehensive counseling program in conjunction with administrators, parents, and a caring community. As a result of the preparation Johns Creek students will attain, they will be able to empower themselves with the critical thinking skills along with a world perspective and respect for integrity, service and excellence for their future endeavors.