Q: What is a passing grade in Fulton County?

A:  70 or higher

Q: How many credits do I need to graduate?

A: 23

Q: How do I earn credits?

A: Credits are earned by passing a class. Each semester a student will earn ½ credit per course they finish with a grade of a 70 or higher. Students can earn 3 credits each semester and a total of 6 credits in a school year. NOTE: Semester grades are not averaged together at the end of the year-each semester stands alone.

Q: How many credits do I need to be promoted to the next grade:

A: Students are promoted strictly based on the total number of credits they have earned in the previous school year. To be promoted students must have earned:

  • 5 credits to be a sophomore
  • 11 credits to be a junior
  • 17 credits to be a senior

Q: If I fail a class, how can I make up that credit?

A: Students currently have 3 options for recovering credit: Summer School, Online Courses, and Plato. Please see your counselor for more information.

Q: If I fail the 1st semester of a class and pass the 2nd semester (or vice versa) will I have to retake both semesters of the class?

A: No. You will only have to retake the semester in which you did not pass.

Q: What should I do if I am struggling in a class?

A:  First check with your teacher (or Home Access Center) to make sure you have turned in all assignments and/or any work you may have missed due to being absent. Next, seek extra help from your teacher. Zeros for work not completed or turned in are the #1 reason students fail a course. Teachers are available either before or after school to provide extra help to students. Check with your teacher to see what days and times they are available to work with you.

Q: Where can I get extra help with a class?

A:  Below are a few suggestions if you are looking for extra help in a class:

  • You can meet with your teacher (or another teacher in that subject) before or after school
  • Sign up for a seminar specifically focused on extra help in that subject area
  • See your counselor to see if there are any peer tutors available for you to meet with during your lunch period
  • See our list of recommended academic Support websites which provide free online tutorials and extra practice
  • See our list of private tutors in the Johns Creek area who specialize in the subject area you are seeking help in